human rights

The following specializations are taught at the master level education:

  • Within the specialization ”Human rights": International human rights law (theory); Rights of individual groups; Rights of migrants and refugees; International human rights and NGOs; International human rights law (practice); Norms of international human rights and humanitarian law; European system of human rights; National activity in the field of human rights; Economic aspects of human rights; Gender and children's rights; Environmental aspects of international human rights; Bioethics and medical law; human rights and freedom of information; Juvenile justice; Development and social rights.
  • Within the specialization ”Information law": Information law: theory and practice; E-government; International aspects of Information law and comparative law; Internet law; Freedom of speech and expression; Media law; Defamation and media law; Information society, Law and human rights; E-commerce law; Intellectual property law in information society.
  • Within the specialization ”Medical law": Actual problems of medical law; International health law; Medical law and human rights; Health legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Bioethics; Patient rights; New technologies and health law.
  • Within the specialization ”Sports law": Actual problems of legal regulation in the field of sports; Sports law and medical law; Sports law and human rights; Olympic (Paralympic) law; Sports law and safety problems; Legal regulation of management in the field of sports; Sports Law and Tourism Law; International Sports Law.
  • Within the specialization ”Tourism law": Tourism and human rights; Tourism legislation of foreign countries; Legal regulation of management in the sphere of tourism; Tourism and national security; International treaties in tourism industry; international organizations in tourism industry; Environmental tourism and sustainable development law.
  • Within the specialization ”International law": Actual problems of international human rights; Problems of population and migration in modern international law.
  • Within the specialization ”Transnational criminal Law": International and national fight against human trafficking; Actual problems of international and legal protection of human rights.
  • Within the specialization ”Administrative law, administrative process, economic and financial law": Administrative law, administrative process and human rights.