About Us

Civil Alliance for human rights – a movement of people who campaign for respect and protection of universally recognized human rights worldwide.


A thorough investigation of human rights violations, publicity, pressure on governments to comply with and respect human rights and undertake studies and take measures to prevent and punish gross violations of all human rights: civil, environmental, political, social, cultural and economic.


  • Defending political freedoms;
  • Prevention of discrimination;
  • The investigation and publication of human rights violations;
  • The investigation of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity;
  • Preventing the proliferation and use of weapons;
  • Help the homeless children;
  • Against torture;
  • Against the death penalty;
  • Conducting proceedings against violators of human rights;
  • Protection of the rights of women and children;
  • Protection of the rights of migrants;
  • For the safety of civilians in war;
  • Protecting the humanitarian rights of citizens, including environmental;


is crucial to our work.

In order to ensure our independence we do not accept government funds, directly or indirectly, or support from any private sponsor, which could compromise our objectivity and independence.


– this is the credo of our organization

We locate and refer to information from reliable sources only, which we tested on other independent channels. We checked the other independent channels.