human rights

The UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Information Rights was arranged in 2013. In the early days of its existence, the Chair was titled as "the Department of Human Rights". Later, the Department was re-established by the Agreement signed between Baku State University and UNESCO in 2015 on the basis of "UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs Program" established by UNESCO in 1992 and renamed as "the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Information Law". Due to the expiration of the Chair's period of term in 2019, it was applied to UNESCO again and the activity of the Chair was extended for the next 4 years.

At present, the Chair is headed by Doctor of Laws, Professor Aliyev Amir Ibrahim.

The main characteristic feature of the Chair, in which the youngest academic staff of the Law Faculty is involved, is due to the fact that most of the teaching staff graduated from prestigious domestic and foreign educational institutions and are able to conduct a high level of teaching in various languages.

The following courses are taught at the bachelor level and master level education in Azerbaijani, English and Russian at the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Information Law:

Within the bachelor degree education:

  • Human rights;
  • Information law;
  • Bioethics and medical law;
  • National security law;
  • E-government and management;
  • Migration law;
  • Medical law;
  • Tourism law;
  • Cybersecurity law;
  • Case law of the European Court.

Within the master degree education:

  • Within the specialization ”Human rights": International human rights law (theory); Rights of individual groups; Rights of migrants and refugees; International human rights NGOs; International human rights law (practice); Norms of international human rights and humanitarian law; European system of human rights; National activity in the field of human rights; Economic aspects of human rights; Gender and children's rights; Environmental aspects of international human rights; Bioethics and medical law; human rights and freedom of information; Juvenile justice; Development and social rights.
  • Within the specialization ”Information law": Information law: theory and practice; E-government; International aspects of Information law and comparative law; Internet law; Freedom of speech and expression; Media law; Defamation and media law; Information society, Law and human rights; E-commerce law; Intellectual property law in information society.
  • Within the specialization in ”Medical law": Actual problems of medical law; International health law; Medical law and human rights; Health legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Bioethics; Patient rights; New technologies and health law.
  • Within the specialization ”Sports law": Actual problems of legal regulation in the field of sports; Sports law and medical law; Sports law and human rights; Olympic (Paralympic) law; Sports law and safety problems; Legal regulation of management in the field of sports; Sports law and tourism Law; International sports law.
  • Within the specialization ”Tourism law": Tourism and human rights; Tourism legislation of foreign countries; Legal regulation of management in the sphere of tourism; Tourism and national security; International treaties in tourism industry; international organizations in tourism industry; Environmental tourism and sustainable development law.
  • Within the specialization in ”International law": Actual problems of international human rights; Problems of population and migration in modern international law.
  • Within the specialization ”Transnational criminal Law": International and national fight against human trafficking; Actual problems of international and legal protection of human rights.
  • Within the specialization ”Administrative law, administrative process, economic and financial law": Administrative law, administrative process and human rights.